Friday, March 22, 2013 - 10:15am

This is where we will be posting detailed information from the Department of Defense, the services and DoD agencies on sequestration and planned civilian employee furloughs. Entries are posted as new information becomes available. Actual documents are posted at the bottom of this page.

Update, 3/22/13 -- The Pentagon announced Thursday, March 21, that it will delay issuing furlough notices by two weeks so it can analyze the continuing resolution Congress has passed that funds the government through September. The CR shifted money between Pentagon accounts, which could allow the department to reduce the number of days federal employees will be furloughed. 

Update, 3/21/13 -- The Army issued a memo on Wednesday, March 20, outlining rules it will follow in carrying out administrative furloughs ordered by sequestration. The Army plans to allow only narrow exceptions to furloughs of its civilian employees and will neither put them on overtime nor shift work to contractors to make up for the lost work time. A copy of the memo is below.

Update, 3/1/13 --  Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan has created a furlough pay calculator in spreadsheet format, which allows federal workers to plug in their hourly pay wage, along with several possible deductions, and automatically calculate the expected 20 percent pay cut DoD employees will absorb if they are furloughed due to sequestration. Stars and Stripes has posted the calculator online here.

Update, 2/20/13 -- Defense Commissary Agency employees would be furloughed one day a week for up to 22 days if sequestration takes effect, closing all commissaries and DeCA headquarters on Wednesdays, DeCA Director Joseph Jeu wrote in a memo to employees. A copy of the memo is posted below.

Update, 2/20/13 -- The Army has issued a report detailing the impact of budget uncertainty on the Army by state. The full report is posted below.

Update, 2/20/13 -- Defense Secretary Leon Panetta formally notified Congress this morning that DoD will furlough nearly 800,000 civilian employees if sequestration is not averted. His memo to employees is posted below.

Update, 2/20/13 -- The DFAS local in Rome, N.Y. (AFGE Local 201) has put together an excellent slideshow that demonstrates the real financial impact of furloughing federal employees -- both the direct impact on workers and the indirect impact on the local economy. Here is a link to the presentation:

Update, 2/19/13 -- Just posted are two presentations from the Navy detailing the impact of sequestration and furloughs on employees. 

Update, 2/15/13 -- The National Guard has released a detailed summary of what sequestration would mean to the Army and Air National Guard. In short, sequestration "will have immediate and significant negative impacts on the operational readiness and capabilities of NG forces across all federal and state mission sets." A copy of the summary, released Feb. 8, is below. In addition, a memorandum from the National Guard Bureau detailing the impact of sequestration on the National Guard is also posted below.

Update, 1/24/13 -- Air Force Materiel Command Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger issued a directive Jan. 24 calling for an immediate freeze to civilian hiring and other budget cutting measures. A copy of the directive, which was distributed via email, is below.

Update, 1/23/13 -- Defense Finance and Accounting Service Director Terri McKay has ordered significant hiring restrictions along with reductions in travel and overtime, as well as other cuts. A copy of her director's message is below. 

Original post, 1/16/13 -- The Army, Air Force and Navy each have issued memorandums ordering an immediate freeze on civilian hiring and other cutbacks to address lingering budget uncertainties.

The Defense Logistics Agency, meanwhile, has put employees on notice that they may be furloughed for up to 22 days because of the budget crisis.

The memos follow a directive issued Jan. 10 by Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter authorizing the services and defense agencies to take various steps to help the Pentagon address ongoing budget challenges stemming from the continuing resolution and potential for severe cuts due to sequestration.

The Pentagon directive allowed the services and defense agencies to freeze civilian hiring, reduce base operating funding and curtail a range of spending in such areas as facilities maintenance, travel, training, conferences and administrative expenses.

Each of the memos are below. More will be added here as they become available. 

On Jan. 16, AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. sent a letter to Frederick Vollrath, principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense for readiness and force management and acting assistant secretary of Defense for readiness and force management, expressing our concerns about how these cuts will be carried out. The letter is below.